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Wednesday, February 22, 2017, 10 am PST/ 1 pm EST

Rapid advancements in technology are causing a categorical shift in manufacturing and distribution. Because of the sheer pace and disruptive nature of these changes, manufacturers and distributors must make informed software investments that set them up for future success -- most notably, the sales and ordering platform.

Whether it’s incorporating the expansion of mobile technology, implementing software to accommodate the growing complexities and data requirements of your business, or determining the impact of in-person sales on your go-to-market strategy, now is the time to face these important questions.

This webinar will cover the critical strategic questions your business must ask to prepare for disruption and discuss the important role of the sales and ordering software platform as a future-proofing mechanism for your business.

What you'll learn:

  • The steps you must take to support scale and maintain flexibility in the future.
  • Important considerations regarding the in-person sales channel, mobile technology, and customized software.
  • The differences between a “platform” vs. “piecemeal” software approach.

About the Presenter:

Marco Munoz is Vice President and Head of Sales at Handshake, where he's now helping brands increase sales with B2B eCommerce, mobile commerce, and mobile order writing technology. Having worked with dozens of top manufacturers and distributors to increase efficiency, reduce manual work, and ultimately increase order volume, Marco has seen first-hand how leading businesses are facing digital disruption across all industries.

About Handshake...

Handshake is the leading B2B Commerce platform for manufacturers and distributors, helping to grow their business by making it easy for their customers to order the right products from them in-person and online. Handshake’s powerful platform includes mobile order writing, B2B eCommerce, and sales order management with back office integrations.

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