It can be challenging for manufacturers and distributors to give field sales reps all the content they need to close a deal, whether it's access to high resolution images, product details, pricing, or brand collateral. For health & wellness brand BackJoy, this was a challenge that they needed to overcome quickly.

In this case study, find out why BackJoy decided to invest in Handshake, a mobile order writing solution that would not only allow reps to easily access content, but also write orders digitally and streamline order processing.

Find out how:

  • BackJoy’s reps not only have constant access to their catalog with Handshake, they can also write and submit orders using the same interface.
  • Orders can be instantly synced with back office systems, preventing errors and delays in the submission process.
  • BackJoy now has more control over how their brand and products are presented to customers.

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