The primary business objective for most B2B suppliers in manufacturing and distribution is building a sales process that maximizes profits. For distributors who “guarantee” product––and bear the risk of the sale––profitability can often be more of a challenge.

One such example is Camelot Chilled Foods. As a foodservice distributor of perishable items, one of their biggest challenges is the optimization of allotted fridge space in their respective stores. With a densely distributed sales operation consisting of over 900 retail and corner-store customers, ensuring their vast customer base is ordering the right mix of products is paramount to the profitability equation.

This case study details how foodservice distributor Camelot Chilled Foods used Handshake to update their existing antiquated ordering technology and give sales reps access to mission-critical business intelligence.

This case study covers:

  • The challenges of Camelot’s previous PDA-based ordering technology that led them to seek an updated mobile ordering solution.
  • The actionable business reporting that reps can now access in real time to maximize profits.
  • The results of the Handshake rollout: faster, smarter sales appointments & increased profits.

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