For small manufacturers and distributors selling B2B, projecting a professional, modern image is critical to securing new customers. But for many small businesses without significant internal resources or IT teams to manage technology deployments, modernizing customer-facing ordering, sales, and operational processes can be both daunting and costly.

With the advent of out-of-the-box B2B eCommerce software, it’s becoming easier and more affordable than ever to provide B2B customers with convenient online ordering on both web and mobile, allowing even the smallest mom-and-pop businesses to provide a sleek, modern ordering experience.

This is the story of how Wild Game Australia, a small distributor of hunting, shooting, and archery products, used Handshake to transform both operations and the image they were projecting to customers and prospective buyers.

This case study covers:

  • The reasons Wild Game Australia wanted to implement B2B eCommerce: responding to customer demand, reaching more customers, and staying competitive.
  • How Wild Game Australia was able to use B2B eCommerce software to project a more professional image to customers.
  • Wild Game’s customer reaction and feedback on their online ordering portal, including the feature they like most.

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