eCommerce has revolutionized how B2B buyers place orders in manufacturing and distribution. However, many distributors—particularly those using custom-built solutions or outdated eCommerce platforms—are struggling to meet rising buyer expectations in today’s on-demand economy.

With a dated aesthetic and a lack of key eCommerce features common in B2C, many of these solutions simply do not allow manufacturers and distributors to provide a modern ordering experience that their buyers want to use.

This two-page PDF will cover the 5 biggest downsides of outdated B2B eCommerce solutions and how manufacturers and distributors with these systems are losing business to competitors offering a more modern buyer experience.

This PDF will cover:

  • The 5 main reasons many prevailing B2B eCommerce solutions are outdated, including an inferior digital catalog, limited B2B selling features, and more.
  • Why barcode scanners and B2B portals accessed via a mobile web browser are not the mobile buying experiences your customers are looking for.
  • Why it is difficult to upgrade or add features to outdated B2B eCommerce solutions and how this contributes to a “dated” user experience.

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