B2B eCommerce is poised to trigger a tectonic shift in the wholesale industry. Forrester projects the US B2B eCommerce market growing to $1.13 trillion in 2020, and Frost & Sullivan puts the global B2B eCommerce market at $6.7 trillion by that time. In this comprehensive webinar, find out what B2B eCommerce is all about, why your competitors are investing in it, and how it'll change the way you do business.

This webinar covers:

  • 5 reasons why wholesalers are rushing to board the B2B eCommerce bandwagon.
  • The differences between the Direct and Marketplace models, and what they mean for your business.
  • The sales rep's role in a B2B omni-channel world.

About the Presenter:

Since joining Handshake in 2013, Brandon Gracey has spent his time helping wholesale businesses harness the power of technology to make more sales. Having worked with hundreds of business owners, sales managers, reps, and IT professionals across industries to solve their biggest sales challenges, Brandon has learned the ins and outs of wholesale, and how fundamental shifts in B2B buying preferences are driving the B2B eCommerce trend.

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