Rapid advancements in digital selling technologies are causing a major shift in how manufacturers & distributors do business. These technologies are optimizing the sales process across multiple in-person and online channels.

Whether you’re a current Handshake user looking to open up another sales channel, or haven’t yet invested in digital ordering solutions for your reps and/or customers, this special demo webinar will provide a unique opportunity to watch a live demo of Handshake’s entire multi-channel selling platform with CEO Glen Coates.

The demo will include an in-depth look at each of Handshake’s solutions, and how together they power a comprehensive, multi-channel selling strategy. Glen will be reviewing features on our mobile ordering app for sales reps, our web B2B eCommerce portal, and our mobile customer ordering app (including a new app for Android!).

This webinar covers:

  • A comprehensive look at Handshake’s B2B sales and ordering technologies, including our mobile order writing app for sales reps, web B2B eCommerce portal for your buyers, and mobile B2B eCommerce app.
  • The most powerful features in Handshake that can help drive more revenue and increase operational efficiency.
  • Key ways the Handshake platform is differentiated from competitors.

About the Presenter:

Glen Coates is Founder and CEO of Handshake. With a decade of combined experience as a software developer and a senior operations manager in B2B sales and distribution, he's now helping brands increase sales with order management technology.

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