eCommerce has revolutionized how B2B buyers place orders in manufacturing and distribution. However, many businesses—particularly those using outdated eCommerce platforms—are struggling to meet rising buyer expectations.

With a dated aesthetic and a lack of the B2B-specific features that businesses need, these outdated solutions simply do not allow manufacturers and distributors to provide a modern ordering experience that their buyers want to use.

Whether you already have a B2B eCommerce portal or you’re looking to implement one, this thought-provoking webinar will cover the deficiencies of many prevailing B2B eCommerce solutions and why off-the-shelf solutions are finally making it possible for suppliers to provide a truly modern B2B buying experience.

This webinar covers:

  • What defines a modern B2B buying experience.
  • The downsides of prevailing ordering portals, including inferior digital catalogs, a poor mobile experience, and limited B2B selling features.
  • The impacts suppliers see after implementing SaaS B2B eCommerce solutions, including stronger customer adoption, increased revenue, and competitive differentiation.

About the Presenter:

Since joining Handshake in 2013, Mandy Movahhed has spent her time helping wholesale businesses harness the power of technology to make more sales. Having worked with hundreds of business owners, sales managers, reps, and IT professionals across industries to solve their biggest sales challenges, Mandy has learned the ins and outs of wholesale, and how fundamental shifts in B2B buying preferences are driving industry trends.

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