While many B2B businesses are discovering the benefits of new sales channels, the in-person sales conversation remains one of the most critical ways to make an impact.

In this webinar panel, you'll hear from two entrepreneurs transforming sales on the front-lines and a top brand powering sales reps with mobile software to drive results.

Handshake CEO Glen Coates will be joined by Louis Jonckheere, Co-Founder and Co-CEO at Showpad, a Mobile Sales Enablement application aimed at drastically improving the sales effectiveness of any company with a sales team. Paul McCabe, President & CEO of Roland Canada, will also join. Paul leads Roland Canada's IT strategy, and pursuing the balance between efficiency and effectiveness, was an early adopter of both Handshake and Showpad for his customer-facing team members.

This webinar covers:

  • Why in-person sales remains critical in a digital world.
  • How mobile software can add value to face-to-face sales conversations.
  • How Roland, a leading manufacturer & distributor of electronic musical instruments and equipment, is helping their sales reps be more effective at customer appointments.

About the Presenter:

Glen Coates is Founder and CEO of Handshake. With a decade of combined experience as a software developer and a senior operations manager in B2B sales and distribution, he's now helping brands increase sales with order management technology.

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