For any B2B sales leader in manufacturing and distribution, getting more products in front of buyers is critical. For B2B suppliers that haven’t yet shifted to selling online, however, product discoverability can be particularly challenging. Sales reps can only carry so many samples, and it’s just not feasible for customers to sift through entire product catalogs.

Today, B2B sales and ordering technologies for both customers and reps are enabling easy access to suppliers’ full product lines. Product visibility leads to product discovery, resulting in bigger orders than ever before.

In this engaging live interview discussion, Meg Klaers Yatchak, Product Marketing Manager at Walman Optical, will be sharing details on how they used Handshake to get more products in front of customers, and the exciting results they’ve experienced since.

This webinar covers:

  • How Walman has used Handshake to drive better product visibility and more revenue.
  • Details on Walman’s visionary subscription revenue program Winkit, and how B2B eCommerce has made it a success.
  • Walman’s exciting results since launching Handshake: larger orders, more predictable revenue, and higher-yield in-person selling.

About the Presenter:

In her role as Product Marketing Manager at Walman Optical, Meg Klaers Yatchak is responsible for optimizing product mixes for 30 sales reps in the field and thousands of independent eye care practices across the U.S. She also manages Winkit, a key subscription revenue initiative that has transformed the business. Her deep experience in strategic marketing and sales includes product marketing, industry analysis, company branding, and an exceptional drive for results.

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