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Leading convenience store distributor Cooper-Booth has successfully executed on a visionary customer service strategy -- the provision of a holistic ordering platform that accommodates their buyers' preferences. Their offering allows customers to place orders through a sales rep, via an online B2B eCommerce portal, or shelf-side on a mobile device.

This strong omnichannel approach has yielded dramatic results. 75% of Cooper-Booth customers who placed orders via web B2B eCommerce ordered more compared to before the solution was introduced, an increase of 28% in total dollars spent. This is directly in line with industry trends, as according to a recent Forrester study, 60% of companies report that their B2B buyers spend more overall when those customers interact with multiple channels.

This case study details the challenges Cooper-Booth was facing before they implemented their ordering platform, the benefits of an omnichannel sales strategy, and the strong results the company has seen since implementing Handshake's solution.

What you'll learn:

  • How modern ordering platforms must include on and offline ordering & web and mobile device support.
  • The results Cooper-Booth has seen since implementing their ordering platform, including an average increase of 28% in total dollars spent by customers that have placed orders online.
  • How Handshake has helped Cooper-Booth operate at scale, quickly process orders, improve order accuracy, and increase the strategic value of their sales reps.

About Handshake...

Handshake is the leading B2B Commerce platform for manufacturers and distributors, helping to grow their business by making it easy for their customers to order the right products from them in-person and online. Handshake’s powerful platform includes mobile order writing, B2B eCommerce, and sales order management with back office integrations.

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