As manufacturers and distributors across industries bring B2B ordering online, more suppliers are asking the question: “When it comes to B2B eCommerce software, is it better to build or buy?”

Companies with complex business rules and industry-specific nuances often think that a from-scratch solution is the only way. However, modern SaaS B2B eCommerce solutions are increasingly being chosen as a superior alternative to custom software, with functionality that rivals—and often trumps—the capabilities that can be achieved by an expensive, clunky custom-built solution.

This case study tells the story of why Johnson Brothers, one of the largest wholesale distributors of wine, beer and spirits in the U.S., chose to buy Handshake’s B2B eCommerce software after a first attempt at building their own solution.

This case study covers:

  • Why Johnson Brothers’ first attempt at a custom-built B2B eCommerce solution didn’t turn out as expected.
  • The revenue opportunity Johnson Brothers saw with Handshake.
  • How Handshake worked closely with Johnson Brothers to implement industry-specific customizations.

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