Years ago, when online ordering was new, a B2B eCommerce website was considered a point of differentiation. Now, it’s no longer enough. In order to compete in 2019, your buyers need to be able to place orders from a mobile device.

You may think you’re providing a great mobile experience to your buyers if they are simply accessing your B2B eCommerce portal on their phones via a mobile browser. This is not only a sub-par user experience for your customers, you’re also likely leaving market share on the table—market share you would gain if you had a B2B ordering app.

In this guide, you’ll learn why B2B eCommerce mobile apps are so much better than mobile websites, how apps lead to the strongest adoption of online ordering, and read real-life stories about how other companies have used B2B ordering apps to steal business from competitors and gain market share in their respective industries.

This guide covers:

  • Why mobile apps are superior to mobile websites.
  • The amount of time you’ll save (both for your customers and your staff) by rolling out a B2B eCommerce mobile app.
  • Real-life examples of companies that have used apps to gain more market share.

Success in Every Industry