Whether you’re rolling out B2B eCommerce for the first time or switching solutions after things didn’t go so well the first time, chances are you could benefit from some expert best practices.

In this short but comprehensive guide, we’ve consulted with Handshake Onboarding Specialist Natalie Petruch to synthesize her most important learnings from hundreds of B2B eCommerce implementations. It covers the 5 most important things to consider that will lead to a more successful B2B eCommerce rollout, including thinking through your strategic goals, account setup, ERP integrations, customization, and adoption.

This guide covers:

  • The importance of establishing the “reason” for your B2B eCommerce initiative.
  • How to think about catalog organization and pricing before setting up your account.
  • Important concepts like integration, customization, and customer adoption.

Success in Every Industry