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The new era of sales is here. Competition is more aggressive than ever before, and optimizing your sales process is critical to success. In this webinar panel, three entrepreneurs who've transformed the sales landscape will share how they've seen top brands differentiate themselves from competitors, adapt to changing buyer expectations, and increase revenue.

What you'll learn:

  • What it takes to remain competitive in the modern sales environment.
  • How your sales process needs to change.
  • How to leverage technology to win customers.

About the Presenter:

Glen Coates is Founder and CEO of Handshake. With a decade of combined experience as a software developer and a senior operations manager in B2B sales and distribution, he's now helping brands increase sales with order management technology. For this webinar, Glen will be joined also by Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Showpad, Louis Jonckheere and Jake Gasaway, Co-Founder at StitchLabs.

About Handshake...

Handshake is the leading B2B Commerce platform for manufacturers and distributors, helping to grow their business by making it easy for their customers to order the right products from them in-person and online. Handshake’s powerful platform includes mobile order writing, B2B eCommerce, and sales order management with back office integrations.

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