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Whether you're a trade show veteran or you're just getting onto the trade show circuit, every exhibitor faces similar challenges. If you're not sure why your booth isn't attracting more visitors, wondering how to capture more leads, or need to optimize your trade show budget, this comprehensive webinar will walk you through 10 steps to maximizing your investment.

What you'll learn:

  • How to better prepare for trade shows, including budgeting, goal-setting, staff training, and pre-show marketing.
  • How to generate, qualify, and capture more leads.
  • Tips for getting maximum brand exposure and media attention at trade shows.

About the Presenter:

Tim Patterson is an event marketing strategist, consultant, and blogger with years of experience in the trade show business. After serving as VP of Sales and Marketing at Interpretive Exhibits from 2002 to 2011, Tim founded Communication One Exhibits, a consulting firm that offers clients like Bob’s Red Mill, gDiapers, and the US Department of Agriculture with best-in-class exhibits and expert trade show marketing support. Tim is also an avid blogger, offering his valuable insights to readers all over the world at

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