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eCommerce has revolutionized how B2B buyers place orders in manufacturing and distribution. However, many businesses—particularly those using outdated eCommerce platforms—are struggling to meet rising buyer expectations.

With a dated aesthetic and a lack of the B2B-specific features that businesses need, these outdated solutions simply do not allow manufacturers and distributors to provide a modern ordering experience that their buyers want to use.

Whether you already have a B2B eCommerce portal or you’re looking to implement one, this thought-provoking webinar will cover the deficiencies of many prevailing B2B eCommerce solutions and why off-the-shelf solutions are finally making it possible for suppliers to provide a truly modern B2B buying experience.

What you'll learn:

  • What defines a modern B2B buying experience.
  • The downsides of prevailing ordering portals, including inferior digital catalogs, a poor mobile experience, and limited B2B selling features.
  • The impacts suppliers see after implementing SaaS B2B eCommerce solutions, including stronger customer adoption, increased revenue, and competitive differentiation.

About the Presenter:

Brandon Gracey has worked with hundreds of leading manufacturers & distributors to harness the power of technology and modernize their approach to sales. Brandon has worked with suppliers across industries, ultimately enabling them to increase margins and work more efficiently.

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